Our Absinthe

Our Absinthe is served the traditional way by dripping ice-cold water on a sugar cube that rests on a special Absinthe spoon. This method helps the sugar dissolve slowly and properly in the drink as[…]

Our Food

We are now offering a delicious and exciting new menu! We will update details and photos shortly. In the meantime, feel free to stop by and discover some amazing food.

Our Coqtails

Our unique seasonal coqtails are crafted by our in-house mixologists using a variety of natural and housemade ingredients, like our syrups, juices, tonics and infused liquors. Depending on our bartender’s mood of the night, they[…]

Our Events

We host a diverse variety of events that take place at either our downstairs bar or at our upstairs parlour, such as Live Music Wednesdays, Raclette Thursdays, and every once in a while we host[…]

About Us

We are collection of absinthe enthusiasts, mixologists, beer tasters, wine connoisseurs and French food gourmands. We take pride in our details to bring our guests an authentic adventure with not just our absinthe, but with a[…]

Contact Us

488 College Street, Toronto • 647-748-4004 • info@coqofthewalk.com Bonjour! Please contact us by form/email for any questions or to make reservations. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. Notice: JavaScript is required for[…]