About Us

We are collection of absinthe enthusiasts, mixologistsbeer tasters, wine connoisseurs and French food gourmands. We take pride in our details to bring our guests an authentic adventure with not just our absinthe, but with a variety of other experiences to suit your palate.

You can enjoy us at our main gastro-bar where you have access to most of our carefully selected wine collection or if you want to travel a bit in time, go upstairs to our parlour to join our absinthe sommelier in our belle epoque inspired decor and learn about the history of absinthe while sipping from our sophisticated collection from around the world.

Our hours:
(all open hours, kitchen is open till 10pm)

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 5pm - 2am
Wednesday: 5pm - 2am
Thursday: 5pm - 2am
Friday: 5pm - 2am
Saturday: 11am - 3pm, 5pm - 2am
Sunday: 11am - 3pm

488 College Street, Toronto • (647) 748-4004 • info@coqofthewalk.com