Our Absinthe

Our Absinthe is served the traditional way by dripping ice-cold water on a sugar cube that rests on a special Absinthe spoon. This method helps the sugar dissolve slowly and properly in the drink as it allows the flavours and aromas to develop perfectly, respecting the sophistication and complexity of Absinthe. It also offers a beautiful visual on the louching process.

So what is louching? Louching is the reaction of a liquid becoming “cloudy” as the water content increases. In Absinthe's case, it's due to the anise’s essential oil being hydrophobic (meaning when nonpolar molecules repel the water molecules). A good quality Absinthe becomes something between milky and silky looking, always opalescent, sometimes green (the French Green Fairy), and sometimes white with blue reflections (the Swiss Blue Fairy).

Anise, whether it is the seed or the star, is one of the main ingredients of Absinthe. Different plants are infused in the distillant. Amongst the most important ones we always find, is wormwood (Absinthe in French), anise, fennel, hyssop and lemon blam.

Wormwood has an exquisite, slightly astringent taste. If you are not an Absinthe drinker, it will take a few sips to identify it. Once accustomed, you can really start identifying tastes between different Absinthes from different countries. This is why we always have a strong selection of unique Absinthes, some of them even in limited editions that broaden our core year-round collection. We are proud to offer the historical French Muse Verte, the world famous awarded Swiss La Clandestine, the controversial Mansinthe or the more local and modern Dillon’s.

You want to know more? Come and ask our sommeliers. They will be happy to run you through its fascinating story as you are sipping some of the best Absinthe in the world.

Absinthe Menu

La Muse Verte (France)
Thick colour, spicy, wormwood on the finish. 

Dillon's (Ontario)
Good balance between wormwood, anise and fennel. Rye spirit base.

Bourgeois (France)
Bright and clean green, great anise, wormwood and fennel balance.

La Clandestine (Switzerland)
Crisp, clean, refreshing and subtle bitter finish.

Courailleuse (New Brunswick)
Clean louche. Clear green anise taste.

Lucid Supérieure (France)
Nice louche, well balanced.

Absinthe Coqtails

Absinthe Sour
absinthe, simple syrup, lemon, egg white

absinthe, orgeat, cream, egg white

Fairy Fizz
gin, absinthe, mint syrup, cream, egg white, angelica bitters

Chef Devil
chartreuse verte, absinthe, lime sherbert, Dillon's lime bitters, sparkling wine

cognac, simple syrup, Peychauds bitters, absinthe